Prayers for the Faithful Departed

Mass Intentions


To Request a Mass


We've made it easy for you to send us your Mass intentions and stipends.  Just go to our MASS REQUEST PAGE and fill out the form.


Monthly Requiem


November 27, 2015





To Join the Guild


Joining the Guild of All Souls provides many graces and benefits for the your departed loved ones.  These include perpetual remembrance at our Monthly Requiem Masses and the daily prayers of our priests and other members. Joining the Guild is easy. Just go to our MEMBERSHIP PAGE and fill out the form.



The Bead List


When you join the Guild you will be asked to provide the names of those faithful departed for whom you wish your fellow-members to pray. These names are added to our Bead List, an ancient and traditional name referring to the praying of the beads or Rosary.  The names you add become deceased members of the Guild.  We pray daily for the repose of their souls, and they are remembered regularly at our Masses and Divine Office.  Each month a Requiem Mass is said by our priests for the intentions of all our deceased members.  Additionally, you may have a Mass said for only those deceased members on your personal Bead List.  To have a Mass offered, go to our MASS INTENTIONS PAGE and fill out the form.

Prayer Books


The Requiem Mass and Funeral Rites

$18.95 with free shipping
  • Meeting the Body at the Church
  • The Funeral Mass
  • The Absolution
  • The Burial Service
  • The Propers for the several Requiem Masses
  • Various Prayers for the Dead

This booklet will be available shortly.  Please contact us for more details.



The Office of the Dead

$18.95 with free shipping
  • Vespers, Matins & Lauds from the Office of the Dead
  • The Little Hours of the Dead from All Souls Day
  • The Collects of the Dead

To purchase this booklet link here to our online bookstore, Confraternity Books, for more details and to place your order.

Alternatively, the Office of the Dead is available online as part of our Breviary subscription service.  If you already have a subscription to the Breviary Online, you can access the Office of the Dead on that website.  If you do not yet have a subscription, click here to register and participate in the Church's official prayer.

The Public Prayer of the Church

The Holy Mass

The most effective way of alleviating the suffering of the Holy Souls in Purgatory is by the Holy Apostolic Mass.  You may arrange to have a Mass said for the Holy Souls in general or any departed loved one by submitting the Mass Intention Form on this website.  It is particularly laudable to have a Mass offered as soon as possible after death, on the day of the funeral, and then 3 days, 7 days and a month after either the death or the funeral.  Similarly the anniversary of death is an important way of helping our loved ones to their eternal reward.  Members of the Guild of All Souls are encouraged to have Masses said for the Holy Souls as often as possible.  The priests of the Guild of All Souls offer the traditional Latin Mass exclusively.

The Divine Office

After the Mass, the highest form of prayer for the faithful departed is the Office of the Dead.  This form of prayer is available for the faithful either on our Breviary website or in the printed booklet available at our bookstore.  Members of the Guild of All Souls are encouraged to recite the Office as often as their time permits.

The Funeral Rites

The prayers associated with the burial of the dead are contained in our Requiem Mass booklet, available on our website.  These prayers are useful for visits to the cemetery, and may be prayed any time for the Holy Souls.

Private Devotions

Prayers for the Dead

The Guild of All Souls is currently working on a third volume in our series of prayers for the Holy Souls.  We expect it to contain the Rosary, the Chaplet of the Dead, the Litany of the Faithful Departed, as well as many other prayers and indulgenced acts of devotion.  This booklet may be purchased at our online bookstore as soon as it becomes available.