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We've made it easy for you to send us your Mass intentions and stipends.  Just go to our MASS REQUEST PAGE and fill out the form.


Monthly Requiem


November 27, 2015





To Join the Guild


Joining the Guild of All Souls provides many graces and benefits for the your departed loved ones.  These include perpetual remembrance at our Monthly Requiem Masses and the daily prayers of our priests and other members. Joining the Guild is easy. Just go to our MEMBERSHIP PAGE and fill out the form.



The Bead List


When you join the Guild you will be asked to provide the names of those faithful departed for whom you wish your fellow-members to pray. These names are added to our Bead List, an ancient and traditional name referring to the praying of the beads or Rosary.  The names you add become deceased members of the Guild.  We pray daily for the repose of their souls, and they are remembered regularly at our Masses and Divine Office.  Each month a Requiem Mass is said by our priests for the intentions of all our deceased members.  Additionally, you may have a Mass said for only those deceased members on your personal Bead List.  To have a Mass offered, go to our MASS INTENTIONS PAGE and fill out the form.

Prayer Books


The Requiem Mass and Funeral Rites

$18.95 with free shipping
  • Meeting the Body at the Church
  • The Funeral Mass
  • The Absolution
  • The Burial Service
  • The Propers for the several Requiem Masses
  • Various Prayers for the Dead

This booklet will be available shortly.  Please contact us for more details.



The Office of the Dead

$18.95 with free shipping
  • Vespers, Matins & Lauds from the Office of the Dead
  • The Little Hours of the Dead from All Souls Day
  • The Collects of the Dead

To purchase this booklet link here to our online bookstore, Confraternity Books, for more details and to place your order.

Alternatively, the Office of the Dead is available online as part of our Breviary subscription service.  If you already have a subscription to the Breviary Online, you can access the Office of the Dead on that website.  If you do not yet have a subscription, click here to register and participate in the Church's official prayer.


Guild of All Souls

Send your inquiries to:


Father Bernard G. Hall

Infant of Prague Chapel

6397 Holloway Drive

Liberty Township, OH 45044




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Email Contact List


Superior General


Bishop Paul S. Petio


Dean of Chapter


Father Bernard G Hall





Father Bernard G. Hall

(5130 435-1726


Please ote that we are in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States (GMT -5-, and that Father Hall may not always be available to take your call.  However, if you leave a message, Father will get back to you as soon as he is able.


Contacting the Guild

All contact with the Guild of All Souls should be initiated with the Dean of Chapter, who will transmit your e-mail messages and other correspondence to the appropriate person.  Father Hall is not always able to reply quickly, so please be patient.

Please note for the purposes of telephone communication that the Dean is located in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States.  Please use discretion in calling, and confine non-essential telephone communication to business hours.

If you are sending a payment for goods or services,  or simply making a donation, and do not wish to use the online donation features on this website, you may send a check payable to the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula at the address shown in the box on the upper right of this page.